Residence Visa

Skilled Migrant Category

The application process has 2 stages:

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI): You must score enough points (160 or more) to be invited to apply for Residency later.
  2. Full Residence Application: You must score enough points from the EOI to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Residence. At this stage you supply all documents to prove that you are entitled to the points which you claimed in the EOI.

It works on a point system based on your age; qualification, work experience, New Zealand employment or job offer and a number of other factors. In addition, you must also meet health, character and minimum English language requirements (IELTS Academic overall 6.5).

Your partner and dependent children can be included in your EOI and application for residence. They have to meet health & character requirements.

This visa allows you and your family to live, work and study in New Zealand indefinitely

To prepare the expression of interest application is crucial and you require professional guidance or advice. You need to have your eligibility assessed by licensed Immigration adviser. Please contact us for any enquiries.

New Zealand Investor Visa

If you want to settle in New Zealand and have funds to invest here, consider the Investor categories of Residence.

Investor applicants must place money in “acceptable investments” in New Zealand for a minimum period in order to gain Residence. They must also spend a certain amount of time in New Zealand during the period of their investment.

There are two investment visas:

  • Investor 1 category
  • Investor 2 category

The Investor One category is not a point-based system. You can be accepted if you can invest at least NZ$10 million for a minimum of three years. In addition, there is no age, business experience, English language requirements. However, all applicants must satisfy health and character requirements.

The Investor Two category is a points-based system. You can be accepted as an Investor Two applicant if you can invest at least NZ$3 million in New Zealand for a minimum of three years. You get points for the amount of your investment over NZ$3 million, your age (65 or younger), your past business experience and your ability to speak English.

Your partner and dependent child could be included in your application for both Investor categories.

Residence from Work Visa

For people with exceptional talent, people working in areas of identified absolute occupational shortage in New Zealand and religious workers. The following work visas can offer a pathway to residence:

Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa: You must be 55 or younger, employment with the accredited employer and your salary is NZ$55,000 or greater.

Talent (Arts, Culture, and Sports) Work Visa: You must have an acceptable sponsor and support from a New Zealand organisation of national repute in your declared field of talent.

Long Term Skill Shortage List Resident Visa: You must hold a Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa. If you have ongoing employment in New Zealand for more than 2 years and your salary is NZ$45,000 or greater, you may be eligible for this resident visa.

Religious Worker Work Visa – must meet English requirement.

You have to apply for work visa under Work to Residence and have held the work visa for two years before you are eligible for Resident visa under Residence from Work. There are no English language requirements except for religious worker work visa.

Family Category

New Zealand Residents or Citizens can sponsor the following people for Residence:

Partners if you have lived together for at least a year. You must prove that you have been in a “genuine and stable” relationship. Relationship evidence is required.


Dependent children who are under 25 years old, single and not working for themselves

You can no longer sponsor your brother or sister under the Sibling and Adult Child Policy, as this was closed permanently in May 2012. If they wish to come to New Zealand they must now consider Skilled Migrant Residence.

Please contact us if you are seeking information, guidance or advice with the New Zealand residence visa